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For example, Americans consider it a big deal when a public figure is caught swearing.

No matter what age they start, the British seem far more fluent at swearing than Americans. They are more likely to link colourful language with having a sense of humour than with coarseness or vulgarity. Here they are:. Even without making up new words, the British definitely have, and make use of, a larger vocabulary of swear words than Americans.

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The stronger your friendship, the more you can lay into each other and still come away with a warm feeling. This is not how Americans roll. Indeed, there are some words the British use casually that are considered more offensive or insulting by Americans. Americans find it really shocking to hear it used carelessly.

Since the Cathars made a special virtue of chastity, it was a shade unfair.

Englishman in New York

However, since in the Middle Ages sodomy and buggery were linked to heresy as well as to witchcraft, it was perhaps only to be expected. Bloody is an all-purpose intensifier that, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, once qualified as the strongest expletive available in just about every English-speaking nation except the United States. This is the risk with any good swear word: Overuse it and it loses its meaning. Both countries share a fascination with swear words' that reference the male anatomy. Americans and the British have dick, cock, and prick in common, but Britain takes the theme further with pillock and knob, as well as masturbator synonyms tosser and wanker.

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The entire British contingent had to leave the room in hysterics. Misunderstandings abound, but one thing is for sure.

This story is a part of BBC Britain — a series focused on exploring this extraordinary island, one story at a time. Readers outside of the UK can see every BBC Britain story by heading to the Britain homepage ; you also can see our latest stories by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Culture Menu. Britain History Why do Brits and Americans swear so differently? Share on Facebook. Granted, the subject matter is extremely harrowing, but Welsh has a knack for writing in a way that compels you throughout, all the while remaining accurate and insightful.

Wondering why the movie is so epic? Last Exit To Brooklyn injects the most excessive forms of human nature at the turn of every page.

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It actually became the subject of an obscenity trial in the UK due to its delve into taboo subjects — violence, rape and drug use, to name a few. The reason?

The True Story of Pocahontas as NOT told by Disney

The filmmaker picked this selection himself, all inspiring his masterpiece: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Stefan Zweig is an acclaimed Austrian writer with quite the life story: he rose to success in the Twenties through his natural eloquence with words, conversed with the likes of Freud a good few times and, tragically, took his own life alongside his wife, Lotte, in Cinema and literature have never been more at one.

If you want to see just how long Brits have gone there for a good time, you need to read The Berlin Novels. Story number two is Goodbye To Berlin , which, I must say, is the most gripping evocation of Nazi terror in literary form that my mind has absorbed. Both are pioneering tales not just for the German capital, but for understanding the societal shifts upon the brink of war. Our top pick: In Watermelon Sugar , the text by Richard Brautigan, which explores life on the sweeter side literally.

Tom Wolfe just gets satire. Baudelaire should be on your bookshelf — period. This collection of writings is a stimulating companion for anyone who basks in all things art. Baudelaire bases his ideas around the life of a painter, but incorporates all kinds of concepts — from fashion and literature to music and beauty — to relay his beliefs on expression. The collated result is a vital lesson in the origins of modern selfhood.

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Easy: literature. This is the only novel to arise from the mind of Alain Fournier, published a year before his death when serving in the First World War. It follows the story of year-old Augustus Meaulnes, a charming young teen who, shortly after enrolling in a school in Sologne, disappears for several days. He returns as a changed man, relaying tales of an other-worldly party and beautiful woman he has fallen for — badly. What's a good novel without some autobiographical context?

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Though the man may be renowned for his extensive discography, his impressive writing reached narrative forms too. This publication traces the development of Lawrence Breavman, son of a Jewish Montreal family who seeks love and pleasure though not necessarily in that order. He parades through the streets of Montreal, embarking on a series of misadventures and slowly transitioning into adulthood in the process.

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