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In September , the German government banned the group "Islamic State," following the passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution , which called on member states to "address the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters" through prevention and prosecution.

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European governments are fearful of a Paris-style attack occurring on their soil. In Germany, this fear has led to the introduction of rehabilitation programs for returning extremists, alongside harsher punishments. In November, HRW pointed to the legal slippery slope created by the UN Security Council, which does not clearly define "terrorism" or "terrorist," and thus, HRW argues, allows countries to apply "overly broad definitions to acts and groups that 'violate principals of legality.

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The ICCT advocates rehabilitation over prosecution except in extreme cases, given the studies that suggest that rehabilitation leads to higher rates or reintegration into society and lower chances of re-radicalization. In a policy brief published in December, the Hague-based group noted that a "harder, punitive approach" did not address the fact that "the vast majority will eventually be released.

It is therefore neither 'soft' nor 'weak' to be talking about how to rehabilitate them, especially in the prison context but elsewhere as well. The German Prosecutor's Office, which declined to give an interview for this article, has not ruled out sending the accused to one of Germany's rehabilitation programs.

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However, its head, Peter Frank, told journalists earlier this year that it was necessary to pursue murder charges - even if only as accessory to murder, or for attempted murder. Committing war crimes and crimes against humanity - just consider the actions of IS against Yezidis - is part of the essence of these terrorist organizations, " Frank said. A year-old man accused of being a member of the Islamic State is going on trial in Germany.

Court proceedings will take place in Frankfurt.

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  • Germany has banned the extremist group "Islamic State," whose fighters have seized substantial amounts of territory in northern Iraq and Syria. The interior minister described the group as a threat "also for Germany. According to a newspaper report, more than Islamists have left Germany to join jihadi groups such as the so-called "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq. At least 60 percent were German citizens. The death of 'Islamic State' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi near Turkey's border has sparked concern Ankara isn't doing enough to fight the terrorist militia.

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    Critics say the government's approach has been too lenient. Turkey's interior minister has said Ankara will soon start returning captured IS fighters to their home countries.

    A number of the militants come from Germany. He was speaking on the digitalization of the industry.

    Germany's first Islamic State suspect goes on trial

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