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Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic telepathy, Covert technology and how star seeds become targets for experimentation. Future of AI using Hybrids.

We provide a half table to Presenters. Let us know if you need a table and if so, what size and for when. Covert technology, Synthetic Telepathy.

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Ascension, Black sciences beyond time travel. Multidimensional design and navigation through the Cosmos. Celestial heritage, DNA activation.

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    Please start your transaction over. Stargate to the Cosmos Expo List Tiles. She is a world-class psychic, clairvoyant, remote viewer and systems buster for MK-Ultra related programs.

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    For more information on Solaris BlueRaven, her books as well as her work please visit her website by clicking here. BlueRaven will disclose a more detailed approach to covert technology and the bigger picture which encompasses the universal whole.

    This series is the beginning of restoring off world technology and fusing this design with consciousness of the greater whole. Talk about a deep two hour show with a bit of fun mixed in Join me October 13, for some more interesting guests, stories and weird news.