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Our offices are located in Santa Monica and Dr.

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Karamanoukian performs surgery in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. He serves the areas of greater Los Angeles and is available for consultation for neck liposuction and also body liposuction. Please call our office at to schedule a consultation for neck rejuvenation with chin and neck liposuction. A necklift procedure has several variations, many of which can improve skin tone, skin laxity, and muscle laxity in the neckline and jawline. Excessive neck skin is often removed and recontoured on the neck and jaw areas during a necklift and facelift procedure.

If there is excess skin, much of the skin can be redistributed and naturally recontoured during your necklift procedure. If there is too much laxity of the skin, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian may perform a combination of facelift and necklift to remove the excess skin from the face and neck areas.

In doing so, the jawline, neckline, and face can be dramatically improved and highlighted. The goal of a necklift surgery is to restore the natural look of your face without changing any facial proportions that make them look natural. Patients with excessive fat, skin laxity, and a diminished jawline and neckline contours may benefit from a necklift procedure. Please call our office at to schedule a consultation for necklift surgery in Los Angeles with Dr.

Karamanoukian is a trusted expert in necklift surgery and performs outpatient plastic surgery in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

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Neck rejuvenation comprises many modalities including surgical and nonsurgical treatment. Laser skin resurfacing using CO2 fractional laser can provide improvement in skin laxity and skin tone on the neck and jawline. Patients who do not have muscle laxity or facial laxity along the anterior neck may benefit considerably from a laser skin resurfacing treatment on the lower face and neck. During this treatment, an ablative CO2 laser is use to resurface the top layers of skin on the face and neck. The new skin will look appear tighter and more resilient and will help improve the natural contour and shape of the neckline.

For a complete consultation and determination of whether you are candidate for laser skin resurfacing for the neck, please call Dr.

Our office will provide you with details regarding fractional CO2 laser resurfacing for the neck area. Karamanoukian performs many fractional CO2 laser treatments in Los Angeles and has a well documented protocol for treatment. Most sessions will take approximately two hours to perform and this is due to the meticulous nature of Dr.

During the treatment you will be given prior instructions for post treatment laser care and will be given adequate time to discuss all aspects of your laser treatment. Approximately two hours of time will be devoted to you in order for you to be numbed effectively and the treatment to be performed.

The actual CO2 laser takes about 30 minutes to perform but our office dedicates approximately two hours for pre and posttreatment.

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Raffy Karamanoukian for Fractional CO2 laser by calling Laser skin resurfacing with the SmartXide CO2 fractional laser can provide immediate results in skin texture and skin tone. Clinicians have noted immediate shrinkage of the skin that only improves with time after the procedure. Within days the skin will reepithelialize and a new youthful skin will begin to appear. Patients note that there is about three to four days of swelling and discomfort that is well worth the wait. Results are outstanding with improvement in the skin tone, skin resiliency, and texture of the skin.

Call today to schedule an appointment for laser skin resurfacing in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Call to schedule an appointment for laser skin resurfacing. Laser skin resurfacing is an alternative to facial plastic surgery including facelifts and neck-lifts. During laser skin resurfacing, Dr.

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Raffy Karamanoukian uses computer generated CO2 lasers to resurface the surface of the skin, thereby stimulating the dermis to produce new collagen and elastin to create more youthful and radiant skin. Laser skin resurfacing is also known as a laser face peel and is a very effective technique for removing fine lines, moderately severe wrinkles, skin texture, abnormalities, premature aging, sunspots, and large pores.

Unlike a facelift procedure or a neck-lift procedure laser skin resurfacing can improve the overall tone of the skin without invasive surgery. Schedule a consultation for laser skin resurfacing using the Fractional CO2 laser by calling Patients who are good candidates for laser skin resurfacing are those with lighter skin types who have mild-to-moderate skin wrinkles, textural problems on the skin, scars, and poor skin tone. Skin imperfections can be treated with the laser resurfacing system used by Dr.

Raffy Karamanoukian, a board certified plastic surgeon. Sun damage and premature photoaging can be dramatically improved in just one session. The most notable improvements are in skin texture, fine wrinkling, and skin tone.

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The treatment is designed to reinvigorate your skin without surgery. At some point, patients who have undergone silicone augmentation to the lips will likely develop an inflammatory condition in the early or late phase after injection, in which the body will begin to react to the silicone injection. This inflammatory reaction may lead to pain, discomfort, swelling and aesthetic deformity of the upper and lower lips.

In many cases, the silicone may actually migrate to the lip and surrounding areas, including the lymph nodes resulting to chronic discomfort and disfigurement. The long-term complication rate for silicone injection is unknown, but is thought to be progressively worse with longer duration in the body.

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Raffy Karamanoukian has had vast experience in the management of silicone complications of the lips. In fact, he is one of several plastic surgeons in the world who has an established protocol for the management of silicone lip complications. Many of these complications include lip swelling, lip deformity, pain and discomfort, and lip bumpiness. The global problem with patients with silicone injections is an inflammatory reaction caused by either the silicone itself or the contaminant contained within the original silicone injection.

This may result in a subclinical infection or a sterile reaction which causes inflammation. Women who have had a lip injection with silicone or unknown filler may benefit from Dr. The physical burden of silicone injection may make it difficult to lead a daily life and may lead to further progression of the problem. Using established surgical criteria, Dr. Karamanoukian can carefully analyze and examine your specific situation and develop a surgical plan to repair and restore your lips to their near original size and contour.

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This is often a difficult and meticulous surgery performed on an outpatient basis and can dramatically improve the quality of life for someone with silicone lip injections. The determination of success includes the type of silicone, the duration of the silicone injection within the lips, the presence of granulomas and silicone reaction, and the severity of the inflammatory response. Despite the difficulty of the clinical situation associated with silicone complications, Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, a double board certified plastic surgeon, has developed a specific surgical protocol to improve the size and contour of the lips.

This surgical protocol has been used successfully to treat patients with minor to severe silicone lip complications. The removal of silicone granulomas, the inciting agents for the inflammatory reaction, or silicone itself, can be performed safely with minimal damage to the original shape of the lip, the sensation, or motor function of the lips themselves.

If you are suffering from complications arising from silicone lip injections or similar permanent fillers to lips, Dr. Karamanoukian can provide you with expertise in the management of lip complications for permanent fillers. Surgery for correction of upper and lower lip complications with silicone injection begins with a thorough consultation and examination of the silicone. The type of silicone and the method of injection are useful elements in the discussion and consultation.

Please provide Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian with complete details of the type of injection and the method of injection to the lip and surrounding areas. The aesthetic shape of the lip will also be examined and the goal is to determine whether an aesthetic improvement can be achieved with surgical correction. In the majority of cases, the inflammatory reaction surrounding silicone lip injection can be controlled by surgical removal of the majority of silicone.

In some cases, intramuscular infection of silicone can not be removed successfully and Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian will determine whether surgery is a useful modality for your condition. Intramuscular silicone in the lip can not be corrected with surgery alone and Dr. Karamanoukian works with a group of immunologist and allergy specialists who can help control the silicone inflammatory reaction if there is no other surgical option. If you are concerned about silicone in the lip and silicone scar tissue resulting from permanent augmentation Dr.