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His wife only has a credit card bill to prove that officials are lying when they say he missed his flight; meanwhile CIA analyst Doug Freeman Gyllenhaal is getting jittery about the methods used to extract information from an apparently innocent man. Closet Land offers a Kafka-esque take on the subject of mysterious political interrogations, with Alan Rickman giving Madeleine Stowe a hard time in a compelling, surreal two-person movie.

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Losing a kid brother to street violence during the troubles in s Belfast is all the motivation Colette Andrea Riseborough needs to join the IRA when she grows up. Douglas and Lancaster made seven movies together, their professional rivalry and long-term connection giving the frenemies fantastic chemistry on screen. This film their fifth together was set vaguely in the future, with cutting-edge technology meant to suggest the s.

It was remade in as TV movie The Enemy Within , but the original deserves a new generation of fans.

Thirty years later they are still picking up the pieces, not to mention the emotional complications; whose bright idea was it to place two male agents with one woman? It was followed by an arguably superior remake which racked up the suspense and the shocks. Renegade ex-general Lancaster and his pals have escaped from prison and now plan to seize control of nuclear missiles. Can the president give in to their demands, one of which is becoming their hostage? You fancy seeing those wonderfully craggy-faced and charismatic actors Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones, going head-to-head as maverick army sergeants?

Look no further. Sparkling with wit and warmth, this movie also has enough snow and car chases to become an essential part of your Christmas action viewing slotting neatly between True Lies and Die Hard 1 and 2 , obviously. Gallagher Hackman is tasked with accompanying a prisoner from Germany to the US: Boyette Jones is a cheeky, disgraced 'sergeant who keeps slugging officers'. Unfortunately, en route Boyette starts a downward spiral of trouble for Gallagher, who turns to his ex-wife the enjoyably feisty Joanna Cassidy and cop buddy Dennis Franz for help.

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Chris Cooper gives a stellar performance as the intimidating man who uses religion as an excuse to be thoroughly unpleasant to everyone. Directed by Francesco Rosi and now considered an Italian classic, this stars Lino Ventura as police inspector Rogas, who is investigating the murder of a district attorney. When two judges are killed he realises there is a connection between the victims, and corruption may be the key that unlocks the mystery.

But he is heavily discouraged from following this line of inquiry Could his enquiries lead him into danger, or possibly break down the very fabric of society? Eerie visuals, Max Von Sydow as a memorably arrogant supreme court president, and a general sense of slow-burning doom make for compelling viewing. Jeff Bridges plays Nick Kegan, younger brother of a president who was assassinated 19 years ago.

Warren campaign issues clarification after Elizabeth Warren denies sending kids to private school. Elizabeth Warren appears to be losing steam. Joe Biden gets defiant after being confronted about Obama-era deportations. Week of public impeachment hearings wraps up with explosive moments.

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Bureau of Prisons reveals FBI is investigating if 'criminal enterprise' played role in Epstein's death. Nunes calls out Schiff for interrupting line of questioning about whistleblower during impeachment hearing. Two arrested after unruly campus activists shut down speech by Reagan economist Art Laffer.

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Todd Piro gets Georgia voters' reaction to Thursday night's Democratic debate. Breakfast with 'Friends': Marietta Diner. Breakfast with 'Friends': Louisiana voters push back in impeachment investigation. Breakfast with 'Friends': Louisiana veterans react to Trump rally, impeachment push.

Veterans weigh in on what the Alabama-LSU game means to them.

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Todd has 'Breakfast with Friends' in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Back to school shopping: What to buy now and later. A closer look at the state of America's college campuses. More Mega Morning Deals for back to school. Mega Morning Deals for back to school. Are more millennials buying houses?

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Post-college prep: Tackling the student debt crisis. Health Care Choices Proposal charts a new path to health care reform. Bernie ramps up calls for 'Medicare-for-all,' but would health care providers get on board? What can Republicans do to bring down the cost of health care in America?

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